Past Events


Museu Ciències Naturals de Barcelona Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5, Barcelona, Spain

RI-URBANS will celebrate its 1stScience Meeting on October 19-20, 2022 in Barcelona. The meeting will cover the following major topics of the project: Data compilation and analysis of the advanced air quality parameters. Analysis of health outcomes, city mapping, citizen involvement, pollution, and hotspots. First results on emission inventories and modelling. Evaluation and discussion on the progress of the 5 major pilots. Progress of upscaling actions. At the same time, a major goal of the 1st Science Meeting is to involve air-quality policy stakeholders in the interpretations and discussions of the project results, as well as pilots and applications of the service tools. The meeting will have a hybrid format: onsite at the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona, and online via zoom. AGENDA  

RI-URBANS Data Submission Workshop

The RI-URBANS Data Submission Workshop, organised by the WorkPackage 5 team, is designed to help project participants submit RI-URBANS data and get a hands-on approach on data submission, data curation, and data reporting. AGENDA

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