The RI-URBANS project incorporates six associated collaborators

  • A total of six new entities have become Associated Collaborators of the RI-URBANS project
  • They will complement the project with data sets, technological development, and analysis of the scientific outcomes. 

Six institutions from Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, and France have become official Associated Collaborators of RI-URBANS. They will contribute their expertise to the project’s objectives and benefit from the activities undertaken within the project.

These collaborators include private companies, research centers, universities, and environmental consulting firms. This diversity of institutional profiles benefits the RI-URBANS project, as it provides long-term datasets, equipment testing, and technological development activities to maximize the impact of RI-URBANS on the European air quality policy. These collaborators also participate in the scientific outcome discussion, literature review, or communication activities.

The Associated Collaborators also benefit from the activities undertaken within RI-URBANS and the network of partners and stakeholders involved in the project.

If you want to contribute to developing a European air quality monitoring system with RI-URBANS, apply to become an Associated Collaborator.
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