RI-URBANS participates in the Knowledge and Citizens Working Group meeting, organised by the Green Deal Support Office

  • RI-URBANS attended the first Knowledge and Citizens Working Group meeting, organised by the EU Green Deal Support Office on June 15, 2022.


  • An action plan will be developed with other Green Deal projects in order to achieve maximised positive impacts in the long-term future. 


On June 15, 2022, RI-URBANS’ coordinator and project manager (Xavier Querol and Marta Monge) attended the first edition of the Knowledge and Citizens Working Group meeting. The meeting was organised by the Green Deal Support Office, whose mission is to facilitate the coordination between projects funded under the Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call and maximise their positive impact in the longer term.

The first Working Group meeting aimed to bring together all the knowledge and citizens task force projects to get to know each other, identify and prioritise commonalities to propose and create synergies between the projects. In addition, the Working Group meeting also served to start developing the action plan and to advance the identification of key activities.

A total of 16 projects attended the meeting:


Increase the transformative potential of democratic innovations to address specific topics of the European Green Deal


Reshaping citizens’ deliberation for the European Green Deal


Advancing behavioural change through an inclusive Green Deal


Social sciences and humanities for achieving a responsible, equitable and desirable Green Deal


Achieving a new European energy awareness.


A European competence framework for low carbon economy and sustainability through education


Smart citizen education for a green future


Individual change of habits needed for green European transition


Co-creating a positive and sustainable lifestyle tool with and for European citizens


Wearables and drones for city socio-environmental observations and behavioral change


Systemic expansion of territorial circular ecosystems for end-of-life foam


A frontrunner approach to systemic circular, holistic & inclusive solutions for a new paradigm of territorial circular economy


Pilot applications in urban landscapes


Research infrastructures services reinforcing air quality monitoring capacities in European urban & industrial areas


Integrated digital framework for comprehensive maritime data and information services



Their common focus is to strengthen citizens’ awareness of their own role as actors of change, promoting inclusive and participatory approaches to decision and policymaking at the local and national levels to address climate change challenges and propose transdisciplinary approaches to behavioural change.


During the event, there were joint sessions with several of these projects. The European Commission envisaged technical synergies of RI-URBANS with ICOS CITIES / PAUL, CIRCULAR FOAM, and FRONTSH1P projects in terms of providing citizens with information systems and tools to support decision-making in both pollution monitoring and circular economy solutions adoption.


RI-URBANS’ coordinator, Xavier Querol, suggested synergies and support to:

  • Engaging RI-URBANS with both Directorates-General for Environment (DG ENV) and for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) of the European Commission
  • Using RI-URBANS’ tools, developed within the Work Package 2, for citizen science
  • Linking the pilot studies of different projects that are simultaneously carried out in European cities (i.e. the Paris pilot studies, from ICOS CITIES /PAUL and RI-URBANS projects)
  • Potentiating joint dissemination of results with other projects and ensure there are no contradictions