RI-URBANS celebrates a Stakeholder Meeting in Poland to discuss the status of the project and needs

  • A total of 37 participants from 23 institutions gathered to inform about the ongoing work

The RI-URBANS Polish Stakeholder Meeting took place in a hybrid format on 23rd February 2023 at the Institute of Geophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

The Polish stakeholders represented 23 institutions, including 16 institutions with representatives in person (20 persons) and 9 institutions online (11 persons). In addition to Polish stakeholders, in this meeting also 6 representatives of the RI-URBANS and the ATMO-ACCESS projects have participated (online) and 1 in person.

“This meeting arises from the need for collaborative and complementary work between the key players in relation to RI-URBANS’ goals in a consolidated way”, declared Iwona Stachlewska, co-leader of Task 5.4 in WP5 of RI-URBANS.

The summary of the Stakeholder Meeting can be read in the corresponding Milestone 35 (M5.7):


The presentations from the Stakeholder Meeting are freely accessible: